A long time coming…

As I noted above, I hope to document the journey of my school, Robinson Elementary, as we move towards a 1 to 1 device environment.  But, it did not start with us. In fact, it didn’t even start recently.   Conversations, mini-pilots, teacher roll outs have been going on for 3 years and all led to a presentation to our Board of Education last week, January 25.  You can read the report here and also click to see the video of the smart team of folks presenting and answering questions from the board.

I am picking up the story from the day after the vote; the point at which my school enters the pilot.  We will begin with two dynamic teacher leaders who are members of our district Technology Leaders Group and who will test the waters of this initiative for us. They are well respected on our staff, well read learners, innovative in their practice,  and risk takers. I will introduce you to them shortly and explain some more about the WHY of the pilot. I think inviting the right people to pilot is key to an initiative such as this.

Any input for me?

What do you think of when you consider who might be the best to pilot an initiative? How do you help teacher leaders, who might know they are teacher leaders, evolve into teacher leaders? (wordy enough for you?)

What do you think of the presentation to our board? Does it answer questions for you or raise more?


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