So, how the heck do you start this work?

This blog is my attempt at leading by example, jumping in with both feet, taking a leap, running a risk, putting myself out there….all those things I hope for, dream of and nudge my staff of elementary school teachers to do. So why don’t I know how to start?  Well, let’s start with the WHY.

My point in starting this blog is to document the journey of my elementary school, Robinson Elementary,  to a 1 to 1 device environment.  It is exciting to me as someone who has finally figured out that our kids A. learn differently B. have different needs than we did as kids and C. are going to lead us in a world that is far different even the world today. (That epiphany was a big day…you should have been there!)

So, here I am , ready to lead a staff into teaching in a 1 to 1 environment.  Well, hopefully, ready….I went researching…I looked for examples….I wanted to find places that had it figured out so I could learn from others. I wanted to ask questions, look for exemplars and hook my teachers up with others.  I wanted to find a fellow elementary administrator who has walked the walk so I could borrow plays from her playbook.  I have come to realize that for true examples of 1 to 1, the examples are few and far between. (Forgive me if you are reading this and are THE shining example, please contact me! )

I get it. There is a huge financial investment (Kudos to KSD for taking this on!) as well as so many questions to work through (Do they go home with kids? Kindergarten….really? What about breakage? What if the kids know more about technology than staff?) But one of the reasons I love my school district is this commitment which to me is also a commitment to educational equity. My district is committing to leveling the playing field so all of our students have equal access. I owe it to all of my kids to try and stay maybe a step ahead.

Some questions for those who have found this digital wanna-be:

If you are working in a 1 to 1 environment, what were some steps you considered before launching in with your staff?  What devices are you  using (we will be using Ipad-Minis).  What are the pit falls?  What advice can you give me?

If you are not working in a 1 to 1 environment, what might you suggest I consider?  What am I not thinking about?


2 thoughts on “So, how the heck do you start this work?

  1. So excited about going 1:1. As a teacher and ongoing learner just knowing that it is coming has forced me to step it up with my own tech exploration and familiarizing myself with relevant apps, sites, etc that will benefit and engage students come now and in the fall. I think the initiative really levels the playing field for the have nots as well to get experience with tablet devices, something I view as a necessary for this new generation. ps waiting for you to post a pic of Dinah on an iPad 🙂

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