Hurry up and wait!

You might notice that I have been on  hiatus from my reflections on our journey.  Truly, since my last post Follow Up to Mrs.  Driscoll’s Class, I have continued observing my teachers make their own meaning with the technology currently available to them. More and more teachers are checking out our currently limited number of Ipads for small groups and I continue to learn from my staff on how to integrate technology meaningfully to enhance MY instruction. (This quarter, I valiantly but comically, worked to use a document camera to review progress monitoring charts with grade levels. Who knew it needed to be on “video,” to NOT be fuzzy? Thanks Mrs. LeSeure!)

So, lots going on in  a purposeful time of “mucking around,” with technology. As word of our  1:1 evolution has become more real, I have heard comments from staff about their anticipation of having access to more digital devices. Rather than trepidation, I hear optimism and excitement. Sure, the unknown still creates some angst, but the energy is high. Again, a shout out to my district for honoring teachers and staff by putting Ipads into our hands FIRST so we can climb to our own level of efficacy before tossing our kids into the boat with us.

Two big steps forward happened last week, the week before our Spring Break. One is documented below! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the two teachers who are leading our “scout” are members of the district’s Technology Leadership Group.  Jennifer  and Genie didn’t quite know what they were getting into when I drafted them to be our representatives, but they are troopers and tech-ees to the core!  The TLG are the folks who will be each receiving a classroom set of Ipad Minis to work with for the fourth quarter of school. While Jen and Genie have been working with their Ipads, they were given their Mini last week. Of course, it was a meeting I had to miss, so they had to send me pictures and ask if I was jealous! Heck yes



2 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait!

  1. A. Hilderbrand/Hong

    What did this video on Online Citizenship “bring up” for you and your co-viewer? What did you discuss? My mom and I discussed the “Golden Rule” Do unto others as you would have done to you.

    Which Road Rules MOST apply to online citizenship? The Road Rules that apply to online citizenship are to respect others and the environment by not doing what the guy in the video did. He was mean to
    others by saying bad words to them

    What advice do you give to your classmates about how to act responsibly online? The advice I give to my classmates for acting responsibly online is – don’t say any rude or bad words. My mom tells me don’t text or write anything that I wouldn’t say to my grandparents.
    How will you interrupt if you see someone you know acting irresponsibly online? I would interrupt by asking the person how they would feel if mean things were being said about them.

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