Online Citizenship ~ Mrs. Sisul’s thoughts!

OK 5th grader!

You have been getting lots of information on how to use and handle your minis responsibly. Now I get to weigh in! Before you can take your minis home, I would like you to do some thinking, independently and with your family, about the responsibilities of working in the online world. The Road Rules for school apply no matter where you are. You are a Robinson student whether you are at 803 Couch or on YOUR couch (ha ha, get it?!)

Please watch this short video on Online Citizenship with a parent, or another adult family member. Please let me know you have viewed the video by COMMENTING with your answers to the following questions: (Please respond with only your first name, or initials, and your teachers name).

What did this video on Online Citizenship “bring up” for you and your co-viewer? What did you discuss?

Which Road Rules MOST apply to online citizenship? How?

What advice do you give to your classmates about how to act responsibly online? How will you interrupt if you see someone you know acting irresponsibly online?

What questions do you have for me, or Mrs. Bearden or Mrs. Hong?

Thanks everyone! Let me know if I can help as well!