Online Citizenship ~ Mrs. Sisul’s thoughts!

OK 5th grader!

You have been getting lots of information on how to use and handle your minis responsibly. Now I get to weigh in! Before you can take your minis home, I would like you to do some thinking, independently and with your family, about the responsibilities of working in the online world. The Road Rules for school apply no matter where you are. You are a Robinson student whether you are at 803 Couch or on YOUR couch (ha ha, get it?!)

Please watch this short video on Online Citizenship with a parent, or another adult family member. Please let me know you have viewed the video by COMMENTING with your answers to the following questions: (Please respond with only your first name, or initials, and your teachers name).

What did this video on Online Citizenship “bring up” for you and your co-viewer? What did you discuss?

Which Road Rules MOST apply to online citizenship? How?

What advice do you give to your classmates about how to act responsibly online? How will you interrupt if you see someone you know acting irresponsibly online?

What questions do you have for me, or Mrs. Bearden or Mrs. Hong?

Thanks everyone! Let me know if I can help as well!


45 thoughts on “Online Citizenship ~ Mrs. Sisul’s thoughts!

  1. Wow, what a powerful video about digital citizenship! As we are diving in as scouts for Robinson, I hope that we can set the example for the expectations for future Roadrunners to follow and model after!

    • I discussed that we need to be kind on the internt and treat people the way you want to be treated.We should never call people mean names or be rude to them.And dont post any thing thats mean or not nice.The biggest road rule that we need to follow is respect others.I told my class mates that we need
      to be nice to others and respect others and always be kind.This will efect me to because i will not post any mean things about people and i wont do any thing that im not suppost to do.I have one question for Mrs.Hong when will we be returning these mini ipads?

  2. KWM Mrs.bearden’s class
    Answer#1 It brought up my personal use of online, and if I use it appropriately.
    Answer#2 Respect others because if you don’t say nice stuff about other people it’s not respecting them.
    Answer#3 Treat others online as you would treat them to there face.
    Answer#4 Are you supposed to be doing this? And why are you doing this?
    Answer#5 I dont have really any questions.

  3. We discussed how I’d friends are unkind to us online, we don’t communicate with them that way anymore. I think the rode rule, Respect others applies the most on this video. Because, when you say something like that to someone else online, that is disrespecting that person. If I saw someone in my class do something bad online, I would report it to a teacher. I don’t have any more questions, because they where all already answered.

  4. Well, like me and my classmates did the other day, we talked about how one you put something on the internet, it can never come off. Maybe it can, but before you do, someone else could have already seen it–so its too late. And the best thing about having the ipad minis is that they are a fun way to learn! Speaking of learning…Thats one of the road rules! Respect others, learning, enviorment, and myself–they all apply to online citezinship. I would tell my classmates that they need to think before they act, and be smart about what they say online, and offline. If I see anyone–not just classmates– acting irresponsibly I would tell a teacher, or I would handle it myslef and just ask them if its the right thing to be doing. Our class has talked about everything a lot, so I dont have any questions for now. Thanks for the video and chance to realize how bad things can get online! 🙂

  5. 1. We realized that people online are real and that you shouldn’t be rude to them.
    2. The one that most applies is respect others because if you don’t then others could get hurt.
    3. Treat people as if they are standing right in front of them. If some is acting irresponsibly I will tell them to stop and if they don’t I will tell a teacher.

  6. 1. We role played that my friend put up an inappropriate picture up and how I should respond to what my friend had done.
    2. I think the two most important Road Rules that apply to online citizenship are respect others and respect learning. I think respect others because you have to be nice to others and respect them even though you aren’t face to face with them. You need to do this so your friend (and or) yourself dosen’t feel like they are being disrespected or get their feelings hurt. I think respect learning because somebody could be asking a question about the homework that you got tonight and you need to tell them the answer respectfuly so that the person can have their homework for tomorrw and not have to catch up on what we were learning and possibly get behind in what we were learning.
    3. Some advice is that people should talk to people on line the same as they would in person. Another thing is to read what you are going to send/post before you send it and read it with different expressions to see if your friend could take it wrong and could possibly get hurt even if you didn’t mean for them to take it like that (remember, they don’t really know how you would have said it in person). If someody is acting inappropriate on their mini I will kindly remind them that they aren’t supposed to do that and if they need help to change it I will see if I can help them. If they don’t listen to me I will let a teacher know to see if they can help.
    4. I think I understand it and I don’t have any questions for you, Mrs. Hong, or Mrs. Bearden.

  7. This is an amazing video too watch!! I really like how this guy explained good things that should happen and bad things that should not happen!! I think that we are going to set a great example for future roadrunners! Thanks for sharing this with us Mrs.Sisul. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. We enjoyed the video and our responses to the questions are as follows:
    1. There are real people on the internet – behind the keys typing and in front of the screen reading
    2. We believe the Road Runner Rule that applies is “respect others” because real people have feelings
    3. The advice we have is not to type anything you would not say to them in person, sometimes typing something gives them “bravery” but it can be misinterpreted. Always “respect others” when typing anything in social media.

  9. 1. I think one rode rule that is most important is respect others because online if you say something that you think is funny other people might take it the wrong way because words are more powerful when written. Those people who have read your comments or post might come after you, or talk meanly to you.
    2. You have to be kind on the Internet and you have access to the world
    so everyone could take your comments, or posts the wrong way because words are stronger than what you say in person.
    3. Always respect others when contacting them online because everyone can see your conversation, and be nice and don’t say ruse things. People can take things the wrong way.

  10. 1. Never type mean things online because there are real people writing all these things you might be commenting on.
    2. Respect for others because other people have feelings too.
    3. Not to type mean things that might hurt other people’s feelings and if there is somone talking meanly online remind then gently that they might be hurting other people’s feelings.

  11. We talk about how that person can look at what you are saying and it can hurt that person. Respect others because the video was about why you should not do hurtful things online. If you see some one online doing evil tell an adult. I do not have any question at this time.

  12. We learned that posting something online is like saying it in class – we need to respect others and refrain from inappropriate behavior. Good discussion. We used it to talk about Instagram and Facebook. Thanks!

  13. 1. The people on the internet are real and if you post something on the internet it will never come off.
    2. The most important road rule you need to follow is Respect Others because there are many people on the internet and you need to be nice to them.
    3. Never type anything rude and respect the other people that are online.
    If someone was not doing the right thing online I would tell a teacher or responsible adult.

  14. Zb mrs.bearden
    You should be just as nice online as you would be in person.
    The road rule I am thinking applies to this most is respect others, because if you don’t it will create problems.
    I will set good examples for others, and I will tell them nicely that we are not supposed to do that and help get them back on track. And if that does not work or it is much to serious for me to handle I will tell a teacher immediately.

  15. 1.) it made think how dangerous it is only since people’s identities are hidden.
    2.) respect others — Treat everyone with respect
    3.) don’t use hurtful comments. Please keep those comments to yourself

  16. What did this video on Online Citizenship “bring up” for you and your co-viewer? What did you discuss?
    We talked about how what you share online can be seen by the entire online community just like in the real world when you share something in a classroom of people.

    Which Road Rules MOST apply to online citizenship? Respect the environment and Respect others. How? You wouldn’t say mean things to a person’s face just like you shouldn’t do it online. You wouldn’t hang up awful pictures in a classroom just like you shouldn’t post awful pictures online.

    What advice do you give to your classmates about how to act responsibly online? If you can’t say or do it in the classroom, you shouldn’t do it online. How will you interrupt if you see someone you know acting irresponsibly online? Tell them to stop and if they don’t, get the teacher involved.

    What questions do you have for me, or Mrs. Bearden or Mrs. Hong? None : )

  17. The most important part of the road rules is respect for others. If you see someone doing bad things on the Ipad tell a teacher. No I don’t have any questions for the teachers. That rule is the most important because the teachers and school board can see what your doing and when your doing it. (Christopher Hong) (:

  18. I think the most important road rule that I need to follow online is respecting others. If you say something mean online it still hurts people and you still get in trouble. If I see a friend doing the wrong thing I will help them by telling them to do the right thing. If that is not enough I will tell the teacher. Also, if the ipads are being used for learning you should not be on inappropriate sites like facebook or other sites like that.

  19. One of the Road Rules you have to follow is, “Respect Others”. Because you can’t just ruin somebodies reputation like that, My mom says that the internet can be dangerous and that I am to only contribute positive things if I am to use. I would say to my friend if he was acting irresponsibly, *”dude, your not suppose be on that app, we are suppose to be on the blog. The teacher can see everything that you do”. I would interrupt them by tapping them on the shoulder, and say*. My questions are, when we are at home could we go online?

  20. MS
    We discussed that even if you don’t say something at a persons face but you say it on the internet it still hurts their feelings. So you shouldn’t do that. An important road rule for online citizenship could be respect others so you don’t hurt others feelings by saying something mean. My advice to my classmates would be to say treat others the way you wanted to be treated and just because you are on the internet that doesn’t mean you should disrespect others. I will interrupt by giving a warning to my classmate if I see them acting irresponsibly. If they continue I will tell the teacher. I do not have any questions for you or Mrs.Hong. Thanks, I look forward to take the iPad Minis home! :]

  21. Sammy (sorry)mrs.Beardens classI think that the road rule that applies to online citizenship is respect others because you sholud respect others even if you can’t see them .If you see some one doing something they should tell a teacher or a adut .

  22. I understand the video and realize treat people the same way you treat them in real life. And just because your online it doesn’t give you the right to be mean to someone. I will remember to have good citizenship when I take the iPad mini home and watch what I say online.

  23. 1.Being nice on-line. Use my manners and do what i”m supposed to do.
    2. Respect others. To treat others with respect and treat them the way i would like to be treated.
    3. Do What you are supposed to be doing,
    4. I would remind them of what they are supposed to be doing.

  24. What road rule I think is involved mostly online is respect others. I think this because if you are mean online you are hurting someone. You need to show respect online like you do to your friends everyday.
    If I saw a friend being disrespectful I would remind them of the video and the rules for using the iPads.
    My mom and I talked about how our behavior using the iPads should be no different than not using them. Show respect.
    I don’t have any questions, business as usual except with a cool iPad.

  25. DE from Mrs. Bearden’s class:
    What did this video on Online Citizenship “bring up” for you and your co-viewer? What did you discuss?
    We discussed saying kind words and thinking about how it would feel to be the person who recieved a rude or hurtful comment. Also, discussed just talk /discuss as if that person were in person.

    Which Road Rules MOST apply to online citizenship? How?
    The Road Rule that applied most was respecting others and respect yourself. It applied to Road Rules because it could hurt someone’s feelings by typing unkind words and it could hurt you in the future. If you are saying mean things and someone you know sees it they would look at you differently and possibly not want to be your friend.

    What advice do you give to your classmates about how to act responsibly online? How will you interrupt if you see someone you know acting irresponsibly online?
    I would tell them to stop and be nice to others. I would say stop that this could hurt someone’s feelings. I would let an adult know if the person keeps doing it.

    I don’t have any questions.

  26. My mom and I talked about how you can truly hurt someone over the internet. The person on the other side reading my words is real. Your words can be misread. Your tone/feelings can’t be heard/felt in the same way as the other person reading it. There is digital footprints so people can see who you are. It’s not good to be known as someone who called someone a bad word or a name. The rules I think reply are all of them. Some advice I would give is to reread what you just typed to see if you typed anything bad or hurtful. If I saw someone using it irrisponsibly I would go to an adult or the teacher. I don’t think that’s something to hide.

  27. I talked with my parent about if you wanted to be treated kind then treat others the same.And never post or add comments that are not appropriate nor nice.Also, never use a fake ID or name that gives to much information or fake sence the Internet is a powerful tool.I and my parent think the most important road rule is respect others.I would tell my classmates that you need to be kind to people on the Internet and tell an adult if someone wants more infomation about you or don’t reply.Im sure this will effect me by how I use the Internet everywhere and use it more carefully.

  28. The most imothing thing that is don’t say bad words to ather people, and don’t called poeples names. Things that you say to anther people is matterto tham. Don’t say things unperpord on school, home,and outside.Don’t hide youre feelings and don’t make anther persens feeling hurt and youres.If want to say it but sayit in the nice way not bad words.

  29. My mom and I discussed that I should only use the iPad for its real use and to use kind words online. When you chat online, it’s just like chatting in real life. We also discussed that if I see bad comments or media, I should tell a parent or teacher.

  30. Addition: Most important road rule on the internet is respect others. This brought up that I should use kind words on the Internet.

  31. I thought that the guy that was being mean was not just being mean, he wasn’t being responsible and that is not good. We all use the blog and edmodo, and that plays in to this perfectly. If someone posts something and you go to comment on it, think first. would this get public? Would it hurt someone? Most importantly, how many people would it hurt? (if possible) Also think, would it get across to my friends and hurt their feelings?
    What I’m trying to say is think before you act.

  32. anna and stephanie mrs. hong
    1. we discussed that you should not say harmful words and to not talk to strangers on line.
    2. we think that respecting others is the best rule becase the movie said that even if you don’t see there face they still have feelings.
    3. we will see that they are remined of the movie and the user agrement and that you should be nice yo people.

    • Chris A. Mrs. Turkmen
      1. This was a great video. Very informative and age appropriate.
      Chris and his family watched the video and discussed that the Internet in a very powerful and useful tool. The information that you write on the Internet is permanent and can’t be deleted. If you type something out of anger or just trying to be funny it is out their for the whole cyber world to see.
      Cyber bullying is not nice and wrong. Being allowed to access the Internet is a privilege and a responsibility that should not be taking lightly. Always remember treat others the way you want to be treated whether they are in front of you or online.
      2. We discussed how road rules apply in this situation. Road rules encourage you to R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Yourself and other, respect learning and the environment. These are rules that should be used at school, at home, and in everyday life. In this case the internet is your environment. respect the people on it. the ipad is your learning tool. use it for its intended purpose homework, research and positive communication between you and your peers. Always think safety first don’t respond or talk to anyone that you don’t know.

      • Cris I like ur thoughts we should leave it alone an instead of fighting them be funny about it an always respect other even if there mean to u keep it up

  33. Dawn( turken)my questions are 3 an 2 number 2 I think it stand for all the road rule you respect self by not started down a bad road others by not saying mean things enviorment not poloting the air with bad thoughts and learning your comments might destract others from what there doing. Those are my thoughts number 3 I think students should ignore an not reply to mean words stay as far away from them as you can other wise its there chose you shouldn’t try those words ether those word will just come straight back at u other wise all we can do is try to keep kids from saying mean word I would like to leave off with a questions for u. What do you think the Internet is teaching kids today??????

  34. How can you monitor your IPAD use???
    Well, I would recommend 2 hours of screen time. This means ANY electronics! So that you do not misuse a lot of your time, you can set a timer for yourself to not forget when to stop playing on your IPAD.

    What advice can I give to my classmates about how to act responsibly with their IPADS???
    Always be careful and responsible with your IPAD. Not losing your IPAD fits into the category of being careful. Make sure that you always are aware of knowing where your IPAD is. Being responsible is a big part of having an IPAD too. Don’t talk to anyone that you don’t know and be careful what you say. How can you keep track of YOUR IPAD???

    -Cate Peters (Bearden)

  35. Justin, Mrs. Hong
    1. This video reminded us that people on the internet have feelings. It also reminded us that we should always treat people online the same way we treat them in person.

    2. The Road Rules that most apply are: being responsible, respectful, and kind. You have to be responsible for what you say online. You have to be respectful to people online even if they don’t like you very much. You should always be kind to the people we meet.

    3. I would remind them of the Road Rules. I would tell them to think about what they say to people online and remember that you can really hurt someone by saying mean thing to them online. I would tell them that the ipad is for learning and you should use it the right way. If I see someone using the ipad irresponsibly I will tell Mrs. Hong, Ms. Beardon, or Ms. Turken.

  36. My answer are for 2 an 3 I think it stands for others an self self for not going down a bad road others for not being mean to them an 3 all we can do is say that we think its a bad idea an ill tell them not to do that that mange they could do something else to go ill leave with a question. What is the Internet all about

  37. Zachary- Ms. Turken
    1.) This video brought up the fact that although we feel isolated and anonymous behind a computer screen we are still interacting with real people with feelings.

    2.)Respect of others you interact with online and kind, even when others are not respectful and kind.

    3.) My advice to others is to never say anything online you wouldn’t say in front of your grandparents. This will keep you from ever being hurtful!

    4.) I have no questions!

  38. Q1.reply They will monitor me to see how much is homework time and how much non-homework time. I will be responsible to make sure I am using it more for homework.

    Q2.reply. Yes, there is such a thing as too much technology. When you are with friends and not interacting with them because you are on electronics, that is a problem. You need to communicate with people in person and have conversations and interactions. Have you ever seen a group of people out to dinner and all of them are on their phones?

  39. Q1) This video reminded us not to say mean or hurtful things online. My mom and I talked about remembering that the people on the computer are real people.
    Q2) Respect others most applies to online because you should remember not to say mean or hurtful things.
    Q3) I would say that use it only how you are supposed to.

    Will H: Yes I have seen a group of people out to dinner when all of them are on their phones. If they are going out to dinner together, they should be talking to each other. Socializing. They should not just be doing electronics.

    Question: What is the BEST way to use technology for learning?

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