5th Graders ~ October 2013 ~ What have you learned about responsible technology use?

OK 5th graders!

You have been getting lots of information on how to use and handle your minis responsibly.

Now I get to weigh in! Over the first few days you have your mini home, I would like you to do some thinking, both independently and with your family, about the responsibilities of working in the online world.   I will ask you to think about being safe, being responsible, and being healthy while living a bit in the online world.  The Road Rules for school apply no matter where you are. You are a Robinson student whether you are at 803 Couch or on YOUR couch (ha ha, get it?!)

Please watch this short video on Online Citizenship with a parent, or another adult family member. Please let me know you have viewed the video by COMMENTING with your answers to the following questions: (Please respond with only your first name, or initials, and your teachers name).

After watching the video, please answer at least two of the following questions in a well formulated response to me. I will grade you on the 5th grade rubrics for writing below: click on them to make them bigger.

5th Grade Writing Attitude and Behaviors

5th grade Writing Rubric Selections

  • How will you and your parents monitor your use of technology?   When do you know you have enough “screen time?”
  • Is there such thing as too much technology?  What does that look like?
  • What advice do you give to your classmates about how to act responsibly online? How will you interrupt if you see someone you know acting irresponsibly online?
  • What are some examples of what it looks like to RESPECT YOURSELF, OTHERS, LEARNING and the ENVIRONMENT while working with your own device?

As we do in blog posts, please end your comment with a QUESTION to keep the conversation going. Then, go back and find two other posts to respond to and answer their question.

Enjoy the video!  What other topics might you suggest I have other kids write on as we move forward with ipads in other grades?